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EDRi Publishes Guide for Ethical Website Development and Maintenance

European Digital Rights, EDRi, released the new guide for ethical website development and maintenance, Ethical Web Dev.

The guide is aimed at web developers and maintainers who have a strong understanding of technical concepts, to assist them in bringing the web back to its roots – a decentralised tool that can enhance fundamental rights, democracy and freedom of expression.

The goal of the project, which started more than a year ago, was to provide guidance to developers on how to move away from third-party infected, data-leaking, unethical and unsafe practices.

The guide is a result of an extensive collective work, with inputs from experts of the EDRi network (Anders Jensen-Urstad, Walter van Holst, Maddalena Falzoni, Hanno “Rince” Wagner, Piksel), external contributions (Gordon Lennox, Achim Klabunde, Laura Kalbag, Aral Balkan), and the crucial help of Sid Rao, Public Interest Technologist and ex-Ford-Mozilla Fellow at EDRi.

The guide is distributed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Licence.


Ethical Web Dev – Guide for ethical website development and maintenance

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